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It is 3076 A.D. Planet Earth. The human species is the only one that exists. All the rest are vanished, killed by people in a slow process, day by day, year by year. There is no more forests, no more ice caps. Nothing. Just humans in the cities living their artificial lives.

In the ZOO children can see something which remains, fauna and flora from The Great Days of Mother Earth.


Objects found by artist create a CABINET OF CURIOSITIES.

THE DOG – used to be man’s best friend. Last one died in 2999, Dlugie (Poland), shot by his owner.


THE FROG – used to be one of the best snacks in France. Last one killed by a chef in 2456, Le Batut (France).


THE HORSE – strong and beautiful. Great worker. In some countries used to be eaten. Painted many times by many artists.

Last one died in terrible conditions, beaten and starved to death, Italy, 3001.


THE BEAR – big, strong and wild. Loved by children as the “Teddy Bear”.

Last ones vanished because of lack of food and places to live in 3070.

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