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Agata Serafin



2004 – MA  Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk (Poland)

                Faculty of Painting and Graphic (Specialities: Photography and Multimedia)

2002 – Academy of Fine Arts (VSVU, Bratislava, Slovakia), Faculty of Photography

2000 – Schule für Geschtaltung in Sankt Gallen (Switzerland), Faculty of Graphic Design


2021 - Foto Torroella (The Catalan Association Of Photographers, Baix Emporda, Torroella de Montgri, Spain) 

2019 - ZPAP (The Association Of Polish Artists ZPAP)

2014 - establishment of CUISINE AND ART blog (

2010 - establishment of art group „Oceano“ with  Jeff Midghall

2002- establishment of photography group "hueckelserafin" (h/s)* with Magda Hueckel


2024 - finalist in the Antoni Vila Casas Sculpture Award 2024, Museum Can Mario, Fundació Vila Casas,

               Palafrugell, Spain

2022 - selected to participate in the 2nd Professional Photography Fair FER FOC, Castellón de la Plana, Spain

2017 - shortlisted in the Pink Lady® Food Photographer

2017 - shortlisted  in the poster competition for San Sebastian Film Festival, Spain

2005 - the president of Sopot award "Sopot Muse For Young Artists"*, Sopot, Poland

2003 - the president of Gdansk Grant For Achievements In Studies, Gdansk, Poland


2023 - London 1965, ("Serafin and Serafin" - Jacek Serafin and Agata Serafin)

               Museu de la Mediterrania, Torroella de Motgri, Spain


2023 - Remains, Castellon de la Plana, Spain

2022 - Remains, Museu de la Mediterrania, Torroella de Motgri, Catalonia, Spain

2017 - Le .B, Laguépie, France

2017 - Where are we?, Château du Taurines, Centrès, France

2015 - Seven, Fotonoviembre (XIII International Biennale of Photography), Tenerife, Spain

2014 - Á suivre…**, La Quincaillerie Gallery, Naucelle, France

2013 - Artamoi**, La Quincaillerie Gallery, Naucelle, France

2008 - Dialogue - Morphs*, 2PiR, Poznan, Poland

2007 - Hueckelserafin. Selected Works 2003–2007*, Andersons Mill Smeaton,

                Daylesford Foto Biennale, Australia

2006 - Morphs*,TWO07 Gallery, New York, USA

2006 - Hueckelserafin*, Galeria Prawdziwej Sztuki im. A. Legusa, Olecko, Poland

2006 - Morphs. Disfunctions*, CSW Solvay, Month of Photography, Cracow, Poland

2006 - In-between*, FF Gallery, Lodz, Poland

2005 - Morphs*, Fotonoviembre (International Biennial of Photography), Tenerife, Spain

2005 - The Morphs*, Univerzitnej Knižnice Gallery, Month of Photography, Bratislava, Slovakia

2005 - Morphs. Babydolls. Exchange II*, Wozownia Gallery of Art, Torun, Poland

2005 - Morphs*, Promocyjna Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2005 - hueckelserafin group. Photographs from 2002-2004*, National Gallery of Art, Sopot, Poland

2003 - Babydolls*, Piwnica przy Dominikanskiej, Month of Photography, Cracow, Poland

2003 - Babydolls*, Profil Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2002 - XXVII Gdynia Film Festival, Gdynia, Poland


2024 - Antoni Vila Casas Sculpture Award 2024, Museum Can Mario, Fundació Vila Casas, Palafrugell, Spain,

2024 - Homenatge a Salvat-Papasseit, multiple exhibition spaces, Catalonia, Spain - with Foto Torroella,

2022-2023 - Correlats, multiple exhibition spaces, Catalonia, Spain- with Foto Torroella,

2022 - Blasfeministki, Dom Norymberski Gallery, Cracow, Poland

2022 - Scena Otwarta Gallery, Poznan, Poland

2019 - Hyde Park II, Dwie Zmiany, Sopot, Poland

2018 - Polish Feminist Art, Desa Unicum, Warsaw, Poland

2017 - BazArt, Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, France

2017 - Les Noces De Cana, Chapelle Paraire, Rodez, France

2016 - Flagn'art, Flagnac, France

2016 - La Cabane, Tayrac, France

2014  - JEMA Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art 2014, Cabanes, France

2014  - Remains. Around/A table!, Semaine polonaise, Toulouse, France

2013 - Á suivre…, La Quincaillerie Gallery, Naucelle, France

2013 - LeCAN, Atelier Martine Besnard, Naucelle, France

2004 - Babydolls. Appendix. Morphs* (projection),  Homeless Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

2004 - Babydolls. Appendix. Morphs* (projection), Homeless Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland

2004 - Babydolls. Appendix. Morphs*(projection), Fotofestiwal (Month of Photography), Lodz, Poland

2002 - Fremdheit-Naehe*, Saeulenhalle des Parlament, Vienna, Austria

2002 - Female Life, ZPAF, Studio Gallery, Warsaw, Poland  

2002 - Female Life, Studio Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2001 - Medium as Medium, National Art Gallery, Sopot, Poland


 * exhibitions of h/s group

** exhibitions of Oceano group

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